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Full Version: resizing parts
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Hi guys,

I would like to be able to create a part where the length of for example the handle of the part can be resized using a the size box without changing the length of the rest of the part.
I thought constraints would be the best option but I can't figure out how to use this function.
Any help would be great. smile.gif
Cary OConnor
Could you give an example of the part you have in mind?

hi Cary,
sorry I've taken so long to reply, work has been busy.

I have a simple example below, this end is on both ends and what I am wanting to do is lengthen the pole in the middle without scaling the length of the ends.
is this possible using the sizebox?
I have more complex parts than this that I want to do the same thing with and it would be much easier and quicker if I can insert them in my assemblies then easily adjust the length.
Here are a few examples on ways to do it (which doesn't involve using the Stretch Tool, which might be the best option for unplanned changes).

Also remember that you can hold down the [Ctrl] key to select more than one Sizebox handle.



Using "Attach to Surface" on the Anchor Point. This is quite easy and stable over time, but depending on the changes made the anchor point might change from "Attach to Surface" to using "Drag along Surface" instead and the shape won't follow.


Using a Smart Dimension as a constraint between the Block and the Cylinder. This is sometimes useful but you need to do the extra clicks to add the Smart Dimension, edit it and lock it.


Same as 2) but the Block features are using a "built in" Shell function in the Intellishape properties instead of negative H Blocks, to make the Part structure more compact.


Btw, the Stretch Tool is found under the Feature ribbon:
Thank you smile.gif
I will try these when I next have the chance
yay biggrin.gif
all of these work great for various parts,
and I hadn't even thought of using the stretch tool so thanks for that smile.gif

thank you for your help.
Sorry to add on to this thread but I have a similar question. I have two parts. Lets say one is a block and one is a cylinder. I want the length of the block to be resizable but it is driven by how far I drag my cylinder.
I think the only way to move a part and at the same time extend another is using the Stretch tool or using an assembly level handle, but that would involve adding one or more locked dimensions to the objects in the assembly.


Cary OConnor
You can do it using projection constraints. You would edit the block and project constraint on the cylinder as a construction. Then put a dimension constraint from the block edge that needs to adjust to the projected cylinder center. Finish. Then go to the cylinder and drag it. The block should update.

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